GO4YU is an innovative communication company owned by Telekom Serbia which has been a leader in the area of landline and mobile phone communications, internet and multimedia in both Serbia and the region for years.

Using these powerful potentials, accumulated experience and built ability to quickly develop in the segment changing the fastest – telecommunications – we created GO4YU.

GO4YU is here to make the best TV distribution and telephone service available to all the people from the Balkans living and working worldwide.

GO4YU has two key services at the global market: television – GO4TV and telephone service – GO4YU Calling and GO4Homephone.


Users from abroad are presented with a simple, reliable and legal way of enjoying the most attractive TV channels from the ex-YU region and to make calls to friends and family from Serbia Talk&Text app GO4YU Calling and landline phone service GO4Homephone. We are working on upgrading our services daily.

GO4YOU is run by a team of experienced managers and young people, full of energy and ideas. We want to give you services at the highest level in line with the development of new technologies we are working on daily.

Our key task is to provide you with the quality service at the most affordable rates, so that you may feel at home, wherever you are.



Franše d’Eperea 88

11000 Beograd, Srbija

Telefon: +381 11 655 8030

E-mail: support@go4yu.com


Mariahilfer Strasse 103/8

1060 Wien, Austria

Telefon: +381 11 655 8030

E-mail: support@go4yu.com


404 E. 1st Street #167

Long Beach, CA 90802-4903, USA

Telefon: +312 870 7585

E-mail: support@go4yu.com

Vercon Media

1283 Godwick Dr,

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Telefon: +1 647 548 6498

E-mail: canada.sales@go4yu.com