homephone GO4HOMEPHONE - telephone with Serbia

If you want to keep in touch with your loved ones at the best rates using GO4YU landline phone, then pick GO4Homephone service.

GO4Homephone enables you to talk with your friends and family in Serbia at the best rates from your GO4YU landline phone, from the comfort of your home!

Our service is characterized by high-quality connection and crystal clear sound.

If you opt for this service, you get a Serbian 076 number which you keep throughout the time of using this service. Calls are done by simple entering of the desired mobile or landline number, without the international country code.

Call waiting, conference call and identification of calls are just some of the advantages of the Go4Homephone service.

Pick a package which suits your needs and talk like you are back in Serbia.

Pick a package tailored to your needs
Talk 500

Limitless calls in GO4YU network

500 minutes towards Telekom Serbia network

Talk 1000

Limitless calls in GO4YU network

1000 minutes towards Telekom Serbia network

Talk for 12, pay 11

Limitless calls in GO4YU network

12x500 minutes towards Telekom Serbia network

Every second counts!
Billing interval for calls is 1 second.

For using the GO4Homephone service, you need a GO4YU phone (price 60 € plus tax) and GO4Homephone plan. 

All prices are without tax.

Pick only the phone device
  • Caller ID
  • Notification about incoming calls
  • Putting calls on your waiting list
  • Option "Do not disturb"
  • List of calls
  • Three-way conference call